Grant helps provide children with safety helmets

By Dr. Joel S. Blumberg
Director, Pediatric Continuity of Care Clinic
The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

With the support of the Texas Medical Association and the Texas Pediatric Society, the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic of The Children’s Hospital San Antonio has acquired a limited number of bicycle helmets to distribute to patients. Texas Medical Association’s Hard Hats for Little Heads program promotes exercise and teaches children and their parents about the importance of wearing a helmet when bicycling, in-line skating, skateboarding, and when riding scooters.

Here are just a few statistics from the Child Injury Prevention Alliance regarding bicycle safety and helmets:

  • Every year in the U.S., almost 400,000 children visit the emergency department with bike-related injuries.
  • The most common injuries are bruises, cuts and broken bones, but the most serious are head injuries.
  • Nine out of ten bike riders who die in crashes are not wearing helmets.
  • Wearing a bike helmet can lower the risk of brain injury by up to 88 percent.

The Texas Pediatric Society, the Texas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, provided funding for this giveaway, which is sponsored by a Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) member.  TPS’ support helps its members encourage health and safety in communities across Texas through Hard Hats for Little Heads.

Hard Hats for Little Heads is supported through a Texas Medical Association Foundation (TMAF) grant thanks to several top donors: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, an anonymous physician and spouse, TMAF Make-A-Difference donors, and the Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio – and generous gifts from TMA, TMA Alliance members, and Friends of Medicine.

As our patients begin the new school year, the physicians of the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic are pleased to have been chosen to participate in this important safety initiative.

To learn more about the importance of wearing a helmet, visit our website:






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